Hi! I’m Wendy, one of the owners of the Log Cabin Cafe since 2010 in Frisco, Colorado. Many of you may know me from my 15 years with the Mountain Lyon Cafe in Silverthorne.

In 2007 my mother was diagnosed with terminal, stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, I was devastated. My mother is now going through her “6th cycle” over the last 6 years. As of today she continues to fight the horrible disease. We are focused on providing her the best possible quality of life, while she continues her struggle. It was my mom who gave me the strength to follow my dream of owning a restaurant. Her will to survive and her very positive attitude, strength, courage made me peruse my dreams. I’ve never met a women so strong, who gave me the motivation to make my dreams come true!

I had not heard anything about this disease when my mom was diagnosed. Ovarian cancer has symptoms but they are so quiet and hidden, that then can go undetected for several years. That would be why we didn’t detect my moms cancer until it was stage 4. Our goal is to make everyone AWARE of the symptoms of this deadly disease!

Now I want to give back! My very special business partner and good friend, Michelle McDonald and I are working hard and having fun planning this race. Its our 3rd year and things are getting bigger and more exciting. A couple years ago Bobby Starko planted this seed in our heads. His wife, Marla, passed of Ovarian cancer in 2011. I thank him tremendously for starting the idea and then thank everyone for the support in helping us make this happen.

Please, come enjoy the fun! Get a team or two together. Get friends and family and co-workers to help sponsor you! We need to get the word out so more women will know the silent symptoms and stop this awful disease!










Wendy Salazar